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VIAL |   Filter Vial

In one device a vial, a filtration membrane, a plunger and a cap / septum. The single-step filtering process is efficient and saves time. Quick and easy to use. Reduces sample loss. After filtration the sample is ready for use in most standard autosamplers. The preslit silicone / PTFE septum screw cap ensures easy and clean sample transfer. Vial in PP Ø 12 x 32 mm, max filling capacity 480 ul, dead volume <30 ul, maximum working temperature 50 ° C, max pressure 0.6 bar (8psi) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The type of membrane varies in properties and should be selected based on the characteristics of the matrix and solvent: NY - Nylon, PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene, PES - Polyethersulfone, PVDF - Polyvinylidenefluoride, RC - Regenerated Cellulose.

Technical specifications



Hydrophilic material, suitable for aqueous solutions and for use in HPLC. Maintains its structure under normal filtration conditions, eliminating the need for humectants. Autoclavable at 135 ° C. Applications: bacterial and particle removal, filtration of aqueous solutions and organic solvents.


Regenerated cellulose

Hydrophilic and solvent resistant, they are ideal for removing particles from solvents. They are also characterized by a low non-specific adsorption. Applications: purification of fluids, 0.45 for degassing.



Hydrophobic material compatible with aggressive solvents (acids and bases), with a low level of extractables. Used for solvent filtration, HPLC and pre filtration. Applications: filtration of strong acids and aggressive solutions, phase separations, aerosol sampling.



Hydrophilic material, compatible with organic solvents. Applications: water filtration, chemical reagents, high temperature liquids.



Hydrophobic material, not wettable. It allows the passage of humid air or other gases, even when the pressure differential is very small. Applications: purification of fluids.

Specifiche Tecniche

 Chemical compatibility table

Compatibilità chimica
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